Limited and Open Edition Prints
WWII USAAC 8th & 9th Air Force
The following prints are a tribute to the Pilots and Men of the 8th and 9th Air Force in WWII, some of whom I have had the priviledge and honor to call my friends.

The first two Limited Edition prints are profiles of the 2 aircraft flown by the late Col. Fred J. Christensen, Jr., 62nd FS/56th FG. Col. Christensen had the unique honor of being the first pilot in the 8th Air Force to shoot down 6 planes in a single mission. He is one of an exclusive group of people to become an Ace in a day. He ended the war with 21.5 victories in aerial combat.

The markings on the aircraft replicate in detail, those actually displayed on 16mm Color film shot by Col. Christensen at both Halesworth and Boxted, in England during the war. In some cases, these markings conflict with popular contemporary references of these aircraft, due to the scarcity of period color images.

Each print is signed by Col. Christensen, as well as signed and numbered by the artist. The print includes a Certificate of Authenticity, bearing an image of Col. Christensen signing the print. These will not be reprinted.

Open Edition Giclee Prints of aircraft flown by David Schilling and Leo Battista, Hub Zemke, Francis Gabreski and Robert S. Johnson are available currently. More to follow as time permits.

Boche Buster/Rozzie Geth P-47D-10 Signed and Numbered $50.00
Miss Fire/Rozzie Geth II P-47D-25 Signed and Numbered, $50.00
Gabreski's P-47D-25 Open Edition, $30.00
Zemke's Oregon's Brittannia P-47D-25 Open Edition, $30.00
Shilling's Hairless Joe P-47D-25 Open Edition, $30.00
Robert S. Johnson's Penrod and Sam P-47D-21, Open Edition, $30.00
P-47's of the 56th Fighter Group, Open Edition, $30.00
Leo Battista's Josephine My Flying Machine P-47M Open Edition, $30.00
P-47's of the 56th Fighter Group Pt. II, Open Edition, $30.00
Witold Lanowski's P-47M, Open Edition, $30.00
Thomas W. Smith's Ole Miss Lib P-47M, Open Edition, $30.00
Gerald Johnson's In the Mood P-47D-1, Open Edition, $30.00
Rankin's Wicked Wacker Weegie P-47D-6, Open Edition, $30.00
Mahurin's Spirit of Atlantic City, NJ. P-47D-5, Open Edition, $30.00
Major Harold G. Shook's Rae, P-47D-25, C.O. 506thFS/ 404thFG, 9th AF. Open Edition Giclee $30.00
The Spirit of Winsome Winn II B-17F, 384BG Open Edition $30.00
Gentile's Shangri-La P-51B Open Edition $30.00
Godfrey's Reggie's Reply P-51B, Open Edition, $30.00
B-17G Satan's Lady, 369th BS/306th BG, Open Edition, $30.00
KA-3B VAH-2 Under Tension, Image Size: 20" x 15" $65.00 (plus $5.50 for shipping)
Bovines Grazing; A Formal Portrait of the VF-33 F-4J in its natural environment. 17" x 28" Limited Edition Giclee, $135.00.
VF-33 F-4J Illustration; Detail
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, featuring 3 of the major fits during her lifetime; 1951, 1966 & 1977. 13" x 19" Giclee $40.00
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. 13" x 19" Giclee Print $40.00. Choose 1 of 4 configurations 1951, 1958, 1966 or 1977. Click on image to order and specify desired profile.
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt print detail

Custom Aircraft Profile Illustrations

As of 1/1/2006, Custom Profiles are $150.00, $20.00 for any additional copy of that original image in quantities up to 50 prints.

You supply the Aircraft Type, Unit, BuNo., Serial Number, Modex, Registration, Nose Art and Markings for that specific aircraft or any other relevant information, and I render it in 13"x 19" on Heavyweight Matte finish paper, printed with Archival Inks for image durability.

You can customize it with Unit Insignia and Photos and descriptive text, creating a really unique image for you or as a great gift to honor that special person in your life.

Contact me for further information. Click Here

Not just another pretty face, these guys bagged a Mig-17 too!
VF-61 CAG F9F-8, Double Nuts over the INTREPID (CV-11), 13" x 19" Open Edition Giclee, $40.00
In the Company of Heroes Pt. 1 13"x19" Giclee print $45.00